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Getting the Scoop on "Stat$", the Best Selling Book by Mark Donahue

By Jerome Stephens

March 25, 2021 — USAReformer

Mark Donahue, a former Fortune 500 executive, has written five books, and hit the bestseller list twice in four weeks with Stat$: Numbers To Kill For and Last at Bat – an amazing and well deserved accomplishment. This is not a surprise since all of his books have caused a huge stir in literary circles and with readers across all social media streams.

Stat$’…with its powerful plotline, and compelling protagonist David Dawson, a former Navy SEAL…is on a quest to write the Great American Novel. Yet life is not going well until a paranoid passenger leaves a briefcase in David’s cab, giving him access to documents that might reveal a secret about the past and present of American elections. It’s the story that may just require that he put his life on the line, yet again.

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In Conversation with Author Mark Donahue about his Breakout Book “Stat$”

By Richard Brown

February 26, 2021 — The American Reporter

Mark Donahue’s new book STAT$ has roared onto the literary scene, and has readers clamoring for more. Luckily this clearly prolific writer has written four more phenomenal works, including Last at Bat, Golden Reich, Fat Girl, and Answer Man. Why has STAT$ been such a hit with readers? It’s thrilling plot, and extraordinary characters, have captured their attention, and kept them engaged until the very last page.

This timely book is destined to hit the bestseller list any day now. We are thrilled that we had a chance to catch up with Donahue, this is what he shared up with us…

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Author Mark Donahue Talks about "Stat$: Numbers To Kill For"

By Markos Papadatos

February 22, 2021 — Digital Journal

According to the book description, David Dawson is a former Navy SEAL who fought in the Middle East. He thought he had done all he could to serve his country. Little did he know, the fate of the United States would soon rest in his hands.

“My story is based on the question of what if the numbers we hear about the economy were not true, made up, fake news? What if the last 70 years a small group of wealthy economists had made up those numbers and by doing so determined who whould be president years in advance, and in turn sold that priceless information to foreign countries, multinational conglomerates…whi could financially benefit from knowing who would be leading the greaterst ecomony the world has ever seen years in advance…”

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