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THE KILLERS OF Dr. James McDowell enjoyed their work. They had taken their time. The scalpel they had used did not cut deep, but rather followed to perfection the art of Lingchi, (death by a thousand cuts).

But their methodical work had a purpose beyond entertainment; they needed to know what had happened to a file. A file that contained proof that every U.S. presidential election since 1952 had been predetermined, fixed, rigged.

Unable to secure such information from the doctor, the killers turned their attention to a writer/cab driver. The one who had brought the doctor to D.C. When the cabbie (David) discovered the file in the back seat of his cab and read its contents, he realized the democracy in which he lived, and had fought for, as a member of Seal Team One, was a sham.

David also realized that what he had discovered in the back of his cab was one hell of a story, the kind of story he had always dreamed of. A story that would make him a best-selling author. But he needed to work quickly because the men with the scalpels were closing in on him and his wife, Sydney.

To keep their 70 year old secrets safe, all the killers have to do is find a cabbie and his wife. How hard could that be? They may have picked the wrong wife.

Copyright © 2020 Mark Donahue

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