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Mark Donahue Opens Up About His Bestselling Book "Fat Girl"

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June 15, 2021 

MARK DONAHUE IS A POWERHOUSE in the literary world with each of his five books hitting the bestseller list, and “Fat Girl”, one of his darker works is following in this trend. This book takes readers down an extremely compelling and intriguing path, one that is destined to pull readers deep into this story and keep them there.

This “Fat Girl” is bedridden and weighs over 800 pounds at the age of 19. Her mother spends a small fortune on doctors trying to gain control of Sara’s weight. Nothing works. When Elaine discovers she’s terminally ill, she decides that after her death, someone will need to take care of Sara 24/7.

Someone motivated who can also manage the $100 million estate Sara will inherit. She decides a young estate attorney from Chicago, Brandon Parrish, would work out just fine. When first approached with the scheme Brandon scoffs at the idea — until he learns for every year Sara lives, a $250,000 annual stipend will be paid, with a $1 million bonus on each 4th year anniversary of Sara’s life.

Taking the deal, he enlists the help of a former frat brother, now a physician, and together they come up with a comprehensive medical plan to keep Sara alive–it’s called a coma. It works, she loses weight and is transformed but at what cost? You will have to pick up a copy of this book if you want to find out.

Readers looking for the read of the summer will want to put this book in their beach bag. But be warned–you will end up reaching for another of Donahue’s books when you finish it. Recently Donahue took some time to chat about his process and what’s coming next.

As a successful businessman, athlete, entrepreneur and now 5-time bestselling author, Mark Donahue is truly a remarkable individual whose influence is inspiring. What inspires and motivates Mark Donahue and what or who you attribute your success to?

Remarkable? Not really, just curious about stuff.

Well, a sick mind helps. But aside from that it was the result of observing overweight people and how they are treated by the rest of society in some cases.

Let’s talk about your latest Bestseller “Fat Girl”. To say the least it is a gripping medical thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat. There’s so much going on with the storyline and plot theme that will make you wonder even how someone can conjure a tale of this magnitude with regard to its core nature. Question is how did you come up with this story?

Well, a sick mind helps. But aside from that it was the result of observing overweight people and how they are treated by the rest of society in some cases.

You have the uncanny ability to write in multiple genres, that is a key testament to your unique writing style and not something that is easy to do as an author. When you first started writing was that something you deliberately wanted to do or was it something that sort of developed along the way?

I didn’t want to be stuck in a certain genre as a writer. So I experimented. Writing in the same genre may be strategically smart but sounded boring to me.

Now that “Fat Girl” is done, what else in on the writing forefront?

I am working a story for which I have already written a script. It’s called “EZ Way”.

If you had to pick 2 of your favorite authors today, who would they be and why?

I like Stephen King, (who doesn’t?) and E.L. Doctorow (yes, I know he’s dead). Both these authors take or took chances. Great storytellers.

You can find more information about “Fat Girl” and Donahue’s other books on Amazon.

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