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Golden Reich

Mark Donahue Talks About His Bestselling Book "Golden Reich"

By Genxee  

May 28, 2021 –VIP Contributor, Influencive

Mark Donahue’s bestselling book Golden Reich takes readers on a wild ride, which includes a thrilling plot and fiercely compelling characters.  In Golden Reich, Germany’s Third Reich set the stage for the Fourth Reich before its fa with the staging area set in the American desert.

In this book, Lester Jones, an American bum, is the protagonist, but this “bum” has been around, having fought the Germans during World War I. Clearly there is no love lost between him and the Germans, and that trend continues when he fights a war of his own in a cavern in an Arizona desert.

You can clearly se with Golden Reich is an epic adventure…

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Author Mark Donahue Chats About His Bestselling Book "Golden Reich"

By Sunny Jones

May 28, 2021 — Thrive Global

Mark Donahue roared onto the literary scene, with five, yes five bestselling books in his portfolio, a major accomplishment, and he has more books coming. Golden Reich was a breakout bestseller from its release, having captured the attention of readers across the board, with its thrilling plot, and beyond intriguing characters.   It is an action packed thriller for the ages.

In Golden Reich, the seeds that were planted by Germany’s Third Reich for a Fourth Reich are coming to fruition in the American desert. Lester Jones, Donahue’s protagonist, fought the Germans during WWI, and has never liked them much at all. These days he is an American Bum, albeit a dangerous one – and he fights a war of his own in a cavern in an Arizona desert.

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