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LIES ARE HARMLESS, REALLY…unless someone believes them, ingests them, digests them, then those lies can be lethal. The lies metastasize, and spread like a virus consuming everyone in a room, on a street corner, in a city, a country, and finally the world.

ADOLF HITLER was very good at many things. A dynamic speaker, a messianic personality, builder of really good roads. But his ultimate talent, the thing that set him apart, was his ability to lie. Lies that a nation was willing and eager to hear. 

Long before Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass) in November 1938, Hitler had, through his lies, planted the seeds that would lead to concentration camps. And ovens.

But by 1943, Nazi leadership knew the war was lost. Soon, their dream of a thousand year 3rd Reich would end. So, they prepared for a 4th Reich, established in an American desert.

A 4th Reich would require planning, execution and most importantly gold. What the 4th Reich did not plan for was an American bum named Lester Jones. He had fought the Germans in WW I, and never liked them all that much. In a cavern in an Arizona desert, Lester fought his own war with the Nazis. IT WASN’T A FAIR FIGHT.      

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