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Fat Girl

Chatting with Mark Donahue About His Blockbuster Book "Fat Girl"

By Natalie Roberts

June 15, 2021 — London Daily Post/Lifestyle

In “Fat Girl” the protagonist is 19, bedridden and weighs over 800 pounds. Her mother throws a small fortune at … trying to gain control of Sara’s weight. When Elaine discovers she’s terminally ill, she realizes someone will need to take care of Sara 24/7 and manage her estate after she dies. She settles on a young estate attorney from Chicago, Brandon Parrish… who scoffs at the idea — until he learns for every year Sara lives a $250,000 annual stipend will be paid, with a $1 million bonus…

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Mark Donahue Opens Up About His Bestselling Book "Fat Girl"

By blogstars

June 15, 2021 — Bloglife

MARK DONAHUE is a powerhouse in the literary world with each of his five books hitting the bestseller list, and “Fat Girl, one of his darker works is following in this trend taking readers down an intriguing path. Readers looking for the read of the summer will want to put this book in their beach bag. But be warned–you will end up reaching for another of Donahue’s books when you finish it. Recently Donahue took some time to chat about his process and what’s coming next.

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