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DAVID LIKED EARTH. After all, he had lived on the planet for over 200 years. He particularly liked the weather and the women. And baseball. Of course, there was all that traffic, pollution, starvation, and hatred between nations that led to nasty wars. But those things could be fixed.

When astronomers discovered an asteroid was headed to Earth that would incinerate it, David decided to blow his cover and present a plan to Earth’s leaders that would save the planet if Earth’s inhabitants would agree to just a few minor changes like; no more organized religions, no boundaries between nations, no wars, no carbon emissions, no polluting of the oceans. That’s all.

In exchange, David promised he would save the planet from total annihilation and we would all live in peace and harmony, and by the way, there would be cures for all  diseases, plenty of food and housing, and “a heaven on Earth, like you guys with your religions always wanted.”

There was one small additional condition; 75% of the people on Earth would have to die. But, “it will be painless.”

A GROUP OF 7 CITIZENS OF EARTH MUST DECIDE WHO DIES AND WHO DOESN’T.  In exchange, David will save Earth and answer the questions mankind has asked for millennia.

Copyright © 2020 Mark Donahue

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